Dr. Victoria Harris



Wish (Book 1)

Most humans have forgotten their sparkle…hypnotized by the darkness that obscures it.

Twelve-year-old Cara O’Reilly always thought her father was teasing when he said she and her sister had fairy magic. But it’s been nearly a week since he went on a mountain hike and vanished—right after an argument with Cara. She wished him gone, and now he is.

Cara’s little sister Bri hasn’t spoken a word since his disappearance. In fact, Cara feels like her whole family is under a curse. And it seems like all the adults in their family are keeping some sort of secret. When Cara and Bri have a close encounter with a living, breathing fairy, Cara realizes the folklore is true. Now, she must find the door to the Otherworld to retrieve an ancient treasure. But can she battle the darkness to save her family and the entire world?

From 8 years.


The Shining
Sword (Book 2)

Cara O’Reilly may have temporarily defeated Ignis, but these days she’s not really feeling like much of a Warrior of Light. She’s no closer to figuring out what the other three Fae treasures are, much less where they’re hidden. And dark thoughts still crowd her mind and threaten her abilities. When someone or something is injuring the seals in the area, Cara fears it’s a sign Ignis is preparing another attack.

Then, she meets an animal from the Otherworld, who claims they are destined to be Cara’s familiar. They tell her about the Shining Sword, one of the four treasures that will defeat Ignis for good. But the sword is in the Underworld, protected by a fierce dragon—a place familiars can’t go. Cara, Sean, Connor, and Bri embark on an adventure to retrieve it, without protection. But to find the sword in time, Cara must learn to trust herself and find her inner light in the darkest realm of them all.

A modern heroic journey into a world where one’s deepest fears need to be faced.

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The Golden Spear (Book 3)

What you can’t confront you can never conquer

Cara knows it is only a matter of time before Ignis will search for the next treasure. When whispers weave through Ballymore of a mysterious hunter roaming the forest from realms unknown, her intuition tells her to act quickly.

Then her familiar doesn’t return from the Otherworld, and Granny talks of going away on a silent retreat. She feels something is amiss. A Beltane festival is a welcome distraction, where she hopes to gain clarity about a path forward. But as doubts about the purity of her powers grow, can she summon the courage to face her deepest fears?

Picture Book

The Storm

A huge storm turns Benny’s world upside down. But can a journey to a magic wishing tree restore some balance? Join Benny on an adventure where he learns some skills to navigate big feelings!

From 5-7 Years