Dr. Victoria Harris

About Dr. Victoria Harris

Psychotherapist DPsych
MA, BSc, Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Cert. Child Psychotherapy, Cert. Children & Loss

My Story

Psychotherapist DPsych and Children’s Author

I am an accredited (IACP) integrative psychotherapist who specialises in working with creative techniques for emotional healing. Creative techniques may or may not include words, such as using metaphor, symbol, and story.  

As a child I struggled with my emotions, and as I grew I became more and more interested in emotional well-being. So I studied for a BSc in psychology and an MA in psychoanalytic theory and eventually trained as a psychotherapist at Dublin City University. In my clinical work I found creative techniques could be used as a tool for greater connection and healing.

I’ve trained in child psychotherapy, children and loss, play therapy and filial therapy. And as a yoga instructor, which has been useful in teaching me valuable skills for connecting to self. Then when I studied as a doctoral student, at Dublin City University, I researched the use of creative techniques in psychotherapy. Finding support that such techniques hold the power to unlock insight. I began writing therapeutic stories to help reach more children, and support parents in helping their child navigate all emotions.

I’ve worked in many settings such as psychiatric, forensic, family services, low-cost, school and private practice. I work with children, parents and adults to help gain insight into needs, confidence in navigating the inner world, and foster greater self-compassion.

Personal Life

I always wrote stories and used art as a way to express and process my feelings growing up. As a child living in the New Forest, I would play in nature and live in a magical world. Not much has changed!

The stories I write use metaphor and the ‘hero’s journey’ to help children process all feelings and emotions. When a child reads a story with similar themes that resonate with their experience, it can be healing. It can provide parents with a vehicle to support their child, as talking about a character or plot can feel safer to the child than direct questions.

Having studied psychology since school, I’ve always had a passion for understanding mental health and emotional well-being. I’ve had many adventures on my own journey. I trained in yoga and meditation, and maintain a strong passion for body and breathwork which I use in my practice, and which are a theme in my books. I live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband, two children and dog. But my home in the beautiful, rugged landscape of West Cork with its rich history of folklore, inspires my writing. You’ll find me there searching for a door to the Otherworld…

"It's always the right time to work on yourself"

Dr. Victoria Harris

Areas of Expertise

I work with children, adolescents and adults. Using imaginative tools such as symbols, metaphor, art & crafts, play, story, and role-play. For emotional difficulties or life challenges including such issues as divorce, loss, anxiety, and past emotional wounds. I use creative techniques to facilitate therapy depending on the needs of the client.

I offer therapy for adults via zoom or “walk & talk” therapy outdoors in nature in South Dublin.