Dr. Victoria Harris


I’m Dr. Victoria Harris, a psychotherapist and children’s author. My speciality is working with adults and children in a creative way. We may use metaphor or symbols, expresive arts or do walk & talk therapy in nature, to help heal emotional wounds. My way of working focuses on the body in the here and now, the “story” we tell ourselves, and incorporates transpersonal aspects to help promote better integration and self-compassion.



Wish (Book 1)

Most humans have forgotten their sparkle…hypnotized by the darkness that obscures it.

Twelve-year-old Cara O’Reilly always thought her father was teasing when he said she and her sister had fairy magic. But it’s been nearly a week since he went on a mountain hike and vanished—right after an argument with Cara. She wished him gone, and now he is.

Cara’s little sister Bri hasn’t spoken a word since his disappearance. In fact, Cara feels like her whole family is under a curse. And it seems like all the adults in their family are keeping some sort of secret. When Cara and Bri have a close encounter with a living, breathing fairy, Cara realizes the folklore is true. Now, she must find the door to the Otherworld to retrieve an ancient treasure. But can she battle the darkness to save her family and the entire world?

From 8 years.