Dr. Victoria Harris


I’m Dr. Victoria Harris a trained psychotherapist and an author of children’s books, insight cards and mindfulness YouTube channels for adults and children

Dr Victoria Harris

My books include THE OTHERWORLD series, a fantasy middle-grade adventure inspired by Irish folklore. The story follows Cara as she navigates an epic journey into the Otherworld of myth and legend after the loss of her father.

The picture book THE STORM for 5-7yr olds, follows Benny the badger’s adventure as he learns important skills to calm and regulate his body and mind after struggling with the aftermath of a storm. 


The Golden Spear (Book 3)

What you can’t confront you can never conquer

Cara knows it is only a matter of time before Ignis will search for the next treasure. When whispers weave through Ballymore of a mysterious hunter roaming the forest from realms unknown, her intuition tells her to act quickly.

Then her familiar doesn’t return from the Otherworld, and Granny talks of going away on a silent retreat. She feels something is amiss. A Beltane festival is a welcome distraction, where she hopes to gain clarity about a path forward. But as doubts about the purity of her powers grow, can she summon the courage to face her deepest fears?

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